Pure copper products for blast furnace

Pure copper products are suitable, due to its high heat conduction rate,
to be used under high thermal environment where cooling capacity is needed.

Outline of a blast furnace


Product Outline

Tuyere is to inject hot air into a blast furnace.

Hard facing materials

Our hard facing materials offer high wear and corrosion resistance.

Brand Component system Hardness at
ambient temperature
TG82 inconel 181.4
TSH1 complex carbide +
Co alloy
TSH2 carbide(TiC)+Ni 463.0
TSH3 carbide(Cr3C2)+Ni 443.0
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Tuyere cooler

Tuyere holder
Product Outline

Tuyere cooler is to protect a tuyere installed on a blast furnace.

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Cooling plate

Tuyere holder
Product Outline

Cooling plate is to cool down a firebrick wall that covers the inside of a blast furnace.

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